Our Official Comments on the Proposed Vehicle Safety Ratings Overhaul

Tomorrow is the last day to submit comments on an important federal rulemaking. Tomorrow is the last day to submit comments on an important federal rulemaking. The safety agency is overhauling its New Car Assessment Program (N-CAP) which you probably know as the five-star vehicle safety rating system. America Walks (which was one of our […]

Don’t Miss Out on the Deluge of Federal Funds for Projects and Planning Right Now

There’s never been a better time to pursue federal funds for a safe streets or active transportation planning project.  As a result of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, there is a huge influx of programs available that can help fund that project you’ve been dreaming about — or that planning work you need to make your […]

Moving Ohio Forward

Moving Ohio Forward is back. This year we’ll be convening leaders from around the Buckeye State to talk about the pressing issues in 2023:

Catch me on my “virtual book tour”

Hi guys! I have been keeping busy traveling around giving talks and interviews about my new book, Right of Way. I made this map half to keep myself organized, but it is also a good way to follow along with what I have going on. Between last fall, when I started doing this (in person) […]

I got hit by a car

It’s been six days since I got hit by a car and today was the first day I was able to walk my dog.  Getting hit by a car and being able to walk your dog six days later is pretty lucky, in the scheme of things. And that’s how I feel. Also a little […]

Impacting State and Federal Policy

We’ve only been in business for about a year and a half at this point, but one of our early focuses has been helping assist campaigns aimed at changing federal, state and local laws to improve traffic safety.  After a recent win this week, I was feeling a little bit proud of what we’ve been […]

What we’re working on

Some pretty cool stuff! A little update on what’s going on over at old 3MPH HQ in the great city of Cleveland.  Our second year of business got off to a slow start thanks to corona related school closures and then a bout of pretty serious winter weather.  But now we’re back in the office […]

One year (we think) in business. Wahoo!

Sidewalks make good sites for engagement, we think.  I follow some entrepreneurs that have big celebrations on their one year anniversary. But the truth for me is I don’t know the exact date I started this business. I had planned to launch this business before the pandemic hit — in March 2020 (LOL!). And then […]

The Potential of Urban Trails

The whole time I’ve lived in Cleveland (more than 10 years), people have been talking about the construction of an urban trail system. The Towpath Trail was the big one, which runs along the historic path of the Erie Canal all the way down to Akron. I never paid much attention to the discussions honestly. […]

Our Testimony Before the California State Assembly

CA Statehouse via Alex Proimos, Creative Commons Yesterday, our founder, Angie Schmitt, was invited by the California Bicycle Coalition to testify before the California State Assembly’s Transportation Committee about a new bill that would decriminalize jaywalking. Below is a transcript of the testimony, which was limited to two minutes: “I am here today to support […]