Policy Research

Sometimes you need a policy paper to cut through the noise. 3MPH has experience offering both policy research and expert testimony at trial. 

We are thought leaders in the transportation policy space. We can help you ask the compelling questions, and use the best available evidence to provide answers.


Client: CalTrans

Project: Native Pedestrian Fatalities White Paper

Description: Provided written summary of research on high rates of pedestrian fatalities among Native Americans, with an emphasis on California. 

Timeframe: Summer 2021

Document: Native Fatalities White Paper-2

Client: Devou Good Foundation

Project: Ohio Speed Limit Reform Coalition Policy Paper

Description: Outlined the police case for overhauling Ohio’s statutory and regulatory framework for setting speed limits, using specific examples of streets around the street that have well known dangers due to the overly proscribed and generic rules.  

Timeframe: Winter 2023

Document: Problem Streets Report-2

Client: America Walks

Project: Jaywalking Reform Safety Analysis

Description: Analyzed safety impacts of new state law that decriminalized jaywalking in Virginia — a pioneer in the movement to legalize walking nationwide. 

Timeframe: Summer 2022

Document: The Progress of Jaywalking Reform