Communications and Media

Expert media and communications advice can make or break a campaign. 3MPH Planning and Consulting has a track record of helping advocates win audiences and change policy. 

From helping secure a federal commitment to the goal of Zero Traffic Deaths to fighting for a safer regulatory environment in New York State, 3MPH has helped secure major victories in the fight for safer streets.


Media and communications campaigns have included:


Project: The Zero Traffic Deaths Campaign

Target: U.S. Department of Transportation

Goal: To secure a commitment from the federal government to set a long-term goal to reach zero traffic deaths.

Client: Families for Safe Streets, National Safety Council

Timeline: 2021 

Role: Media relations, social media, communications support

Outcome: Successful, U.S. DOT adopted a zero deaths goal in January 2022.


Project: Crash Victims Rights and Safety Act 

Target: New York State Assembly

Goal: Pass a package of legislation aimed at reducing traffic deaths in New York State.

Client: Families for Safe Streets, Transportation Alternatives

Timeframe: Spring/Summer 2021, Spring/Summer 2022

Outcome: Three out of eight measures passed


Project: Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices Overhaul

Target: U.S. DOT

Goal: Secure major structural safety reforms in this important engineering manual. 

Client: America Walks

Timeframe: Spring 2021

Outcome: Awaiting final document


Project: World Day of Remembrance

Target: General Public

Goal: Raise awareness about traffic deaths and their preventable nature

Client: Families for Safe Streets

Role: Media Relations, Social media, digital organizing support

Timeframe: Fall 2021, Fall 2022

Outcome: Continuous growth in number of public events, media attention.


Project: Ohio Speed Limit Reform Coalition

Target: ODOT, Ohio Legislature

Goal: Reform the way speed limits are set in Ohio

Client: Devou Good Foundation

Role: Strategy, Coordination, Communications

Outcome: In progress