Catch me on my “virtual book tour”

Hi guys! I have been keeping busy traveling around giving talks and interviews about my new book, Right of Way. I made this map half to keep myself organized, but it is also a good way to follow along with what I have going on.

Between last fall, when I started doing this (in person) and this fall, I have (virtually) spoken in or have a scheduled presentation in 12 cities. And that’s just for webinars that have a local group sponsoring. 

Below is a full list of the press I have been doing. It is keeping me quite busy, especially as I try to manage remote kindergarten at the same time. 

I really enjoy talking about this stuff though. I think/hope that comes through in my talks. One of my hopes when I wrote this book was to get a round of media attention that could cause people to step back and think about this issue in a more holistic kind of way. So it’s exciting to have this opportunity. 

Here’s a list of some of the other media appearances I have done (with hotlinks):

Print/Online Features


USA Today

Fast Company


The Land


Warren Tribune (Youngstown)

Radio Interviews


Red Eye Vancouver

X-Ray in the Morning KXRY-Portland



The War on Cars


Saving Cities

Talking Headways


Environment and Urbanization (Journal)

Kirkus Reviews

Beyond Chron