What We’re Working on (And How You Can Help)

We have a new administration in Washington and U.S. DOT has been staffed up with some really exciting and progressive leaders from the industry.  We have a huge opportunity right now to reshape U.S. transportation in a way that will benefit the environment, will benefit safety and will benefit equity for generations to come.  3MPH […]

What I wish traffic safety officials would say on Pedestrian Safety Month

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently hosting “Pedestrian Safety Month.” I am happy to see this issue getting more attention. The agency has also received some criticism from groups like Transportation for America, for using language that shifts blame back to pedestrians. (They made the above graphic to raise their concerns.) This is […]

Why I decided to start a consultancy

It wasn’t my intention when I started writing my upcoming book (Right of Way, Island Press) to start a consultancy. I approached writing the book like a journalist, which is what I was at the time and what I did for the previous 14 years, both at Streetsblog, and before that at newspapers in my […]